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5 Ways to Exfoliate Skin Naturally

Many of us dread snakes, but like them, we periodically shed dead skin too, though not as extensively. Our dead skins do not always shed fully and clog our skin pores. Exfoliation, which is the process of removal of dead skin, is beneficial for both dry and oily skins. Below, we share five natural exfoliation scrubs.

1. Orange exfoliating scrub

The tangy and sweet citrus fruit is chock-full of vitamin C, an antioxidant which aids in the production of collagen, prevents ageing and promotes new skin production. For skin exfoliation, the orange peel should be sun-dried for a few days, then ground into a powder. A paste made of this powder, turmeric and honey is applied to the affected skin and washed off after about 10 minutes with water.

2. Besan and turmeric scrub

Besan or gram flour is often used to get rid of dead skin. Turmeric contains the chemical compound curcumin, which has antioxidant, anti-ageing and collagen-boosting properties. Turmeric is also helpful in treating wounds. A paste made with the two ingredients and rose water or lemon juice can be applied to the face and then rinsed off when it becomes dry.

3. Oat scrub

It is a coarse type of flour which is ideal for exfoliation and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Oats are also good for treating acne and other inflammatory skin diseases. Finely ground oats are mixed honey and water for scrubbing the face or with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil for a body scrub.

4. Olive oil and sugar scrub

This scrub is usually prepared with a spoonful of olive oil, preferably the extra virgin variety, and some sugar. Like most plant-based oils, olive oil also has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The uniform granules of sugar, on the other hand, help remove dead skin during a massage.

5. Masoor dal scrub

Organic Masoor has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The dal is soaked in water overnight to soften it. It is then ground to a paste, mixed with milk and applied to the face. The paste is washed off when it gets dry.

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