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5 Tips on How to Conserve and Protect Birds

World Sparrow Day is being celebrated all over the world on March 20 in order to increase awareness and put the spotlight on the conservation of little adorable house sparrows and other birds. Sparrows were once among the most spotted birds in our childhood but now a continuous decline in their numbers can be seen. The decline of house sparrows are mainly because of deforestation and increasing noise pollution. Sparrows need to be protected as they are very important for the ecological balance, pollination in many plants and many more.

Here are a few details one needs to know about the tiny-chirp bird:

Food:Sparrows can be considered as one of the most friendly birds which loves to live in harmony with humans. They are generally spotted at places where human are densely populated. These little birds eat wheat, oat, larvae of mosquitoes, insects, etc.

Major reasons for their declining population:

  • Deforestation: Human populations are continuously rising leading to deforestation for making buildings.
  • Pollution: Pollutions including noise pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc are adversely affecting the population of sparrows.
  • Electro-Magnetic Radiation: The use of mobile phones has become a necessity and mobile phone releases electro-magnetic radiations which are considered one of the reasons behind the declining number of birds.

How to protect and conserve the little bird?

1. Bird feeders: You can put bird feeders outside your house, in gardens, farms, any open area where these little creatures can come and feed themselves.

2. Water bowls: The temperature is increasing day by day therefore it is advised to keep water bowls during the summer season outside the houses for birds to re-hydrate.

3. Grow more plants: Plants and trees are the homes of these little birds. Planting trees will not only shelter them but will also help humans in return with oxygen and greenery.

4. You are advised to discourage the use of excessive insecticides and pesticides in farms and gardens.

5. Use good quality fuel in vehicles to reduce pollution and minimize the use of mobile phones to control the release of electro-magnetic radiation.

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