5 Golden Social Skills That Kids Ought to Learn

Kids are a foundation of society. They are like little saplings that will bloom into individuals with the potential to usher in positive changes in the world. Just as morning shows the day, a kid adept at good social skills inadvertently paves the way for a better, stress-free, fulfilling life ahead.

Studies have revealed that children who imbibed social skills such as cooperation, sharing, being a good listener at an early age of five, were more likely to get a full-time job by the age of 25.

Be it academic, career, or emotional outcomes- kids with good social skills go a long way in life. The more coping tactics kids learn, the easier their life becomes.

Social skills are a great way to ensure that your kids’ are the fittest when it comes to not only surviving but also thriving in any situation.

Here are five highly relevant social skills that kids ought to inculcate:


Kids need to be trained to inculcate the habit of sharing. Say, by instilling the idea that sharing with others multiplies happiness, kids tend to value and respect equality. And in the process, it boosts their self-esteem and makes them an instant hit among peers.

Using the three magical words

‘Please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ are the three phrases that seamlessly instil gratitude and shield kids from experiencing entitlement. Teaching kids to use these phrases at the right instance without feeling ashamed or inferior, not only acts wonders for the individual’s social psyche, but also changes the manner in which others view your kid. It creates a very healthy and positive vibe among the social circle.


There’s nothing like being a good listener. Most of the conversations lose meaning when no one bothers to pay attention and is only keen to talk. It is imperative that children are taught to listen carefully. In the process, children learn to be more respectful and courteous. Listening skill enhances attention span, aids in vocabulary. Kids learn to be more responsive to instructions when he/she learns how to listen.

Making eye-contact

A golden skill that makes your kid develop non-verbal communication skills. Observing minutely the body language and facial expressions enable kids to grow up into confident individuals with great social interaction skills.


Teaching children to work in groups at their budding age, is a great way to shift their focus to ‘We’ from ‘I’. Kids by identifying themselves as a team learn to respect others. This coordination skill involves listening, speaking, sharing skills that enable kids to go a long way in life.

Teaching the above-mentioned skills to kids when they are at an impressionable age equips them for a healthy, harmonious living with great social and emotional well-being.

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