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5 Dating Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong

The Valentine’s week began on February 7 with Rose Day and we are finally here for the D-Day, when one confesses their sincerest feelings to their beloved. This is a special time for couples, close friends and families. The Coronavirus pandemic may have put a dampener on our spirits this year, but partners can still enjoy a date with adequate precautions.

Here are five such date ideas that you can opt for to make your day extra special with your loved ones:

1. Cook together

Food and romance have always been linked together, which is why most couples go on restaurant dates. Staying indoors can be fun too, especially if it is with one’s beloved. Married couples can cook together at home, which can create a great bonding experience. Couples, who don’t share a roof together, can video call each other and cook the same recipe or different ones, maintaining social distance.

2. Movie or theatre date

Couples can visit a local movie theatre and catch the latest release or a live drama performance. They may also stay indoors and bask in the afterglow of cinema classics like Casablanca (1942), Kagaz Ke Phool (1959) and Saptapadi (1961), and rediscover romance and intimacy from the warmth of their home.

3. Pottery class

Speaking of movies, one may remember a little film called Ghost (1990) which features the iconic scene of the late Patrick Swayze romancing Demi Moore while moulding pottery. Well, young couples could follow in the footsteps of these Hollywood heartthrobs and join a pottery class online to solidify their blossoming passions for one another.

4. Bonfire by the beach

Spending a quiet evening on a beach with partner around a bonfire is a scene that has been featured in many films. If couples stay near a beach or plan to visit one such location for the Valentine’s day trip, this might be an idea worth trying. One must not forget to clean the beach afterwards.

5. Stargazing

Lying down on the roof floor at night with your beloved and gazing at the endless ocean of stars sparkling in the night sky can open up a whole different dimension in a relationship.

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