110-inch MicroLED TV, Bespoke 4-door Refrigerator and More Launched

Samsung Event at CES 2021: Samsung has held its first event in the space of a week, opening the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 with a crisp, 30-minute keynote. Among fresh launches is its new range of Bespoke refrigerators that you can mix, match and combine into different configurations — all depending on what you expect from your refrigerator. Samsung has also launched its first MicroLED TV, which will be commercially available in a couple of months in a whopping, 110-inch avatar. The price for this is yet to be announced, but being one of the first adapters in the industry, expect it to be pretty pricey.

Samsung also spoke at length about its AI ecosystem and smart home software, as well as its sustainability efforts. Alongside the catchy demos of its smart home stuff, two of Samsung’s sustainability efforts caught the eye. The first is its shift to its DRAMs and SSDs in its data centres and servers, which can apparently make a 7TWh (Tera-Watt-hour) difference in energy consumption — that’s apparently as much electricity as all of California consumes in a month. The second is its proposed software updates to older Samsung Galaxy phones, which can turn them into specific use-case devices such as baby monitors or long-range remotes for appliances. That can really help people find use for discarded old phones that are no longer fast or feature-rich enough to serve as daily drivers.

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