Live your way from the day you move in

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When you move into an old home, chances are there’s going to be a lot of work to do before it feels like yours. Aside from how it looks, there’s also all the fixer-upper jobs you need to do when you see what the previous tenants really left. With a new build home, there’s none of that. Everything is modern, new and ready to fit around you. And of course, because all the appliances, the kitchen and the bathrooms are all new, instead of having to fix things, you can focus on enjoying life.

Save a pretty penny while helping the planet

Better insulation. Modern boilers. Double glazing. All these features of a new build home mean that you’ll end up saving on a whole range of bill. And, with energy efficient lighting and heating systems, you’ll be helping the planet by living in a much more eco-friendly way. Everybody wins.

You can take a weight off your shoulders

No chains. Minimal maintenance costs. A 10-year NHBC warranty. It’s these things that make life that bit simpler and less stressful. In fact, with a new build, there are so many worries you can wave goodbye too. You’ll have better security with window locks, secure entry systems and smoke alarms, and you’ll have peace of mind thanks to everything being under guarantee. Less stress, more life.

There are great ways to make buying more affordable

With the government’s Help to Buy scheme you can buy one of our new homes with just a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage. The remaining 20% can be supplied as an equity loan, interest free for the first 5 years. There’s also London Help to Buy, which works exactly the same way, except that you only need a 55% mortgage, and your equity loan would be 40%.

These are all pretty good reasons why it makes sense to buy a new build property, but frankly, there are many more. And if you’d like to discover what they are and experience a new build home for yourself, get in touch with us here at Fairview and we’ll be happy to show you more.