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Mortgage Calculator

How much could you borrow to buy here? 

So you can browse our homes knowing exactly what you can afford, we've teamed up with Torc24. Check how much you could borrow, view mortgage lenders and get credit scored all at the same time.

* this mortgage calculator is provided by Torc24 and won't impact your credit score.

Help to buy Calculator

 I want to buy a home in London

You need a deposit of:

Help to Buy equity loan:

Mortgage required:

Estimates are for guidance only and may differ from the figures shown.

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Ways To Buy

Whether it’s a stylish studio apartment or a spacious four-bedroom house, there are more ways to secure your dream new build home than you might imagine. Learn about all the options on the table and see how we can help you decide.


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Land to sell? Talk to Fairview.

We are always looking for opportunities to buy land for future developments in London and the South East.

Land Acquisition and Development